• EXCAVATE: Using the tools included in this kit, chip, dig and brush away the simulation stone until you discover all 14 skeleton pieces.
  • A HOMESCHOOL FAVORITE - A complete science kit that serves as the perfect stand-alone school project that boys and girls love!
  • EXCITING ARCHEOLOGY LESSON - This hands-on activity kit fosters a love of science and history while teaching kids about fossils the fun way!
  • PREPARE: Once all pieces have been excavated rinse the pieces in water and follow the step by step instructions to assemble your dinosaur.
  • ASSEMBLE: The bones snap together and can be repeatedly reassembled.
  • Mining step:
  • Before starting excavation, please prepare a piece of paper under the gypsum block to prevent the gypsum powder from scattering around during excavation. Then use a bamboo stick to gently dig the surface of the plaster and start digging.
  • During the excavation process, please be careful and experience the fun of archaeological excavation. When digging bone fossils, use a brush to purify the stone surface powder, then clean the bone fossils, wipe them, and dry them.
  • Then arrange the bones correctly and stitch them together. After the splicing is completed, the whole dinosaur fossil will immediately appear stereoscopically, and it will be displayed on the table or the shelf, making it your most exquisite collection.
  • Package size:11x5.5x8cm

Package including:

  • 1x Dinosaur Science Kit-Dig Up Dino

Kids educational Toy Science Dinosaur assembly skeleton With Archaeological exca

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